Red Desert Sunrise

Claude Steelman

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A Charge to Keep


On a trip to Montana, Jack began photographing an approaching storm. The images he captured brought back memories of his grandfather’s stories about the cattle drives and storms he had weathered. Here he depicts the determination and hard work it takes to get the cattle to safety, no matter the situation.

A New Day


Cowboys gather at sunrise as they prepare to ride out from the big red barn to gather cattle.

A Cowboy's Time to Reflect


Yosemite Valley. This day was certainly custom-made for a "Cowboy's Time to Reflect" on all things that make life worth living.

All In


“All In” is near and dear to Jack and his wife Anita. Jack created a painting for their engagement that would represent his love and commitment. Using his western art style, he painted a cowboy on his horse plunging ‘ALL IN.’ It symbolizes his dedication to her.

Autumn at Big Bear Lake


Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, Big Bear Lake is one of the most beautiful spots in the nation. Autumn is particularly special as leaves turn vibrant shades of vermillion and gold glistening against the heroic pine trees.

Clearwater Crossing


In a few short minutes the sun will burn through the clouds and by day's end the horses and riders will be ready to enjoy the comforts of another "Clearwater Crossing".

Crossing the Nueces


The Nueces River is one of the most beautiful sights in Texas. Artesian springs supply crystal clear water that flows for many miles over a limestone rock bottom through the hill country.

Remembering the Old Times


It was a time when people met downtown at the Post Office and shared conversations with friends and business owners.

Change of Fortune


“Change of Fortune” delivers an image that is worth more than a thousand words. No matter how much the every day world changes for the cattle business with the search for renewable energy and oil well placements, the western spirit is kept alive by cowboys dedicated to their passion and work.

Chuckwagon Serenade


Many times after a long day's work the men would gather around the wagon with a guitar and fiddle to pass the time. These early cowboy ballads were the roots of the music we know as "Country and Western".



The Fort Worth Stockyards offers a fun-filled adventurous step into the history of the Old West available nowhere else but "Cowtown".

Early Snow


It seemed the cattle were fond of the grass and the solitude and weren't concerned with the Early Snow.