Red Desert Sunrise

Claude Steelman

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End of a Long Day

The rugged Davis Mountains of West Texas are the backdrop as these Cowboys gather the last of the cattle before sundown.

Fast and Furious


As the dust flies, the chase is on and the pursuit is certainly "Fast and Furious."

Heading Home

Surrounded by the chill of autumn, their thoughts are on the wonders of the wilderness around them as they are "Heading Home".

High Country Cowboys


I realized quickly that separating livestock from the tree-covered mountains is a talent which requires practice and patience. It is truly a job for the men called "High Country Cowboys".

Hill Country Homestead


Springtime in the Texas Hillcountry is very special. Fields come alive with the brilliant hues of bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes.

Hot Pursuit

As lightning crashes through the Arizona sky, this cowboy chases wild mustangs across the desert landscape.

Morning on the Merced


As John Muir wrote in 1913, "There must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls." Truly, Yosemite is one of those places

Night in Old San Antonio


In the late 1800's many cattle were driven up the Chisholm Trail through San Antonio from south Texas to northern markets. These men arrive under full moon, anxious to end their long day on the trail.

Heroes and Legends


Texas is known for oilwells and longhorn cattle. Wildcatters staked their claims and erected their wooden towers in search of black gold at the turn of the last century.

Morning In New Mexico


The mountains of Northern New Mexico are a colorful sight as Autumn comes to a close. These men are leaving the comforts of their cabin after an early snow in search of cattle that haven't made it out of the high country to pastures below.