Red Desert Sunrise

Claude Steelman

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Old Downtown


Brick streets and streetcars were a common sight in many American cities a few short years ago.

Race To The Other Side


Jack has always had a sense of adventure. In his youth, he spent time at the confluence of the Pecos and the Rio Grande Rivers. It was a place for him and his cousin to fish, ride, and explore old caves and camp. This image is based on a memory of the good times Jack had racing his cousin to the other side of the river.

Outfitter's Hideaway


There is no electricity and no telephone but plenty of beautiful scenery, game and peacefulness.

Spring Reflections


Early in spring cattle are rounded up and new calves are worked. After a long day of gathering of the crows, it is always a nice break to head them slowly toward the pens.

Whitewater Crossing

Winter Shadows

Traildust and Raindrops