Rebekah Emblem

Rebekah Emblem

Introducing the Rebekah Emblem - the perfect addition to your home, office, or place of worship. This unique piece of craftsmanship pays tribute to the I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows), a fraternal order that is aimed at promoting charity and good fellowship. Handcrafted right here in Terrell, TX, this beautifully designed Rebekah Emblem is sure to be the perfect finishing touch to any I.O.O.F.-inspired home décor. With its intricate detail and bold accents, this emblem will be sure to draw everyone's eye to your space. Show your support for this historic order with this unique and alluring Rebekah Emblem. Visit Cantrell Crafts in Terrell, Texas today and take a look at this piece of history!

Metal Cutout of the Rebekah Emblem. It has a clear coat powder coat.


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